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Below is sample list of ferrous (steel) items commonly found in homes. Ferrous metals are magnetic and will stick to a magnet.
- Appliances; washers, dryers, refrigerators, hot water heater, stoves

- Automobiles, motorcycles and their parts – wheels, engines, transmissions

- Bicycles, lawnmowers, weed eaters, metal playground equipment, exercise equipment

- Metal ladders, grills, lawn furniture

- Structural beams, channel, angle, I beams, and steel plate

- Sheet metal; siding and roofing, shelving, file cabinets

- Propane bottles and tanks with valves removed and open

- Sealed Motors and Compressors
Below is sample list of nonferrous (not steel) items commonly found in homes. Nonferrous metals will not stick to a magnet. Samples of these items include:
- Aluminum cans

- Aluminum siding, gutters, window frames and doors (no glass)

- Automotive batteries (lead acid), radiators, aluminum rims (without tire)

- Stainless Steel

- Lead
- Plumbing and electrical parts

- Copper wiring, Christmas lights, Copper Tubing, Copper Sheet

- Electric motors, compressors

- Yellow brass such as candle holders, figurines, bed frames

- Pots and Pans

- Zinc
- Airbags

- Closed containers such as enclosed
drums or tanks

- Hazardous waste or chemicals

- Electronic scrap
- Flammable materials – ammunition or explosives

- Fluids including oils, gasoline, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, gear oil or grease

- Fluorescent lights
- Paint cans

- Radioactive materials

- Refrigerants

- Tires, wood, dirt, yard debris, concrete, asphalt, glass, rubber or other non-metal materials


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